About Kiery

quote20-something, bi/pan-sexual, artist, author, geek, gamer, filmmaker, person.

Ex-christian fundamentalist/quiverfull daughter, homeschool graduate. Survivor, fighter, entrepreneur, creative.

Art is breathing. I live to create – I’m not happy if I’m not making something or dreaming something up. I have a particular set of skills, that remarkably enough all work together quite well.

I identify as non-binary/genderqueer (see: person).  You can call me she/her but hen (and/or singular “they”) is my favorite and will earn you all of the points and rainbows and warm fuzzies.

My partner and I are child-free, we have a cat named Tonks, and make movies together.

I speak out against abuse, and collaborate with homeschooler’s anonymous.

contact me here.