About Kiery

IMG_021920-something, bisexual, artist, author, geek, gamer, filmmaker, person.

Ex-christian fundamentalist/quiverfull daughter, homeschool graduate. Survivor, fighter, entrepreneur, creative.

Art is breathing. I live to create – I’m not happy if I’m not making something or dreaming something up. I have a particular set of skills, that remarkably enough all work together quite well.

I am non-binary/genderqueer (see: person).  My preferred pronouns are: “hen” (Hen is Kiery, henom taught henself to code, the pen is hens) and singular “they” (They are Kiery, they taught themselves programming, the pen is theirs) and will earn you all of the points and rainbows and warm fuzzies.

My partner and I are child-free, we have a cat named Tonks, and make movies together.

I speak out against abuse, and collaborate with homeschooler’s anonymous.

contact me here.