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Fairy Dust and Awesomeness

My body is changing. I’ve talked about it before. It’s confusing, disorienting…scary. I can’t hide my boobs anymore, because they’ve grown too much. I have massive cleavage in a sports bra. My hips... READ MORE

health log/update 2015

Second pap smear ever today. New doctor is really nice and good at listening, was ready to stop at any time and actually knew what she was doing and had the tiny speculum.... READ MORE

It’s okay 

  Having tried is still worth something. Don’t let the lack of immediate success get you down. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Having done, having tried, having made…is valuable in itself. Don’t... READ MORE

let downs

Sometimes it feels like the universe just really wants me to not get in to any of the communities that would help me grow faster and it’s really frustrating. I instantly hear the... READ MORE


I didn’t do any WordPress videos on Tuesday, because a work project came up which meant I got to play with MySQL databases and mess around on the server side, so learning was... READ MORE

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