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  I’m moving in three days. Finally. We’ve talked about this for years and spent the last 12 months slowly getting things ready to change coasts, and now it’s finally happening. Today I need... READ MORE


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I didn’t know how much I needed this trip until I took it, and now I feel soooo sappy. I’ve wanted to have a birthday that involved just chilling with friends for ages,... READ MORE

The Future

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Dream job didn’t pan out, and the Ruby Academy was cutting it too close to moving for my sanity, so I decided to go to plan C…. Which is basically do more of... READ MORE

Why Bother?

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I had been in NCFCA for a year and a half, I had, at that point, never made it out of the preliminary rounds in the two or three tournaments I’d been to.... READ MORE

My Blog is Breathing

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Seriously though, it’s weird. Every other year or so, I expand out (exhale) I disperse my art and my thoughts across various different sites for a couple years to compartmentalize them in my... READ MORE

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Projects Freeport Creative Arts Local arts community supporting Freeport, ME and surrounding areas. Bruce Roberts Toy Fund Non profit bringing toys to needy families in 5 counties in Southern Maine for the holidays. Humorotica A team endeavor of comics, commentary, … Continued

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I occasionally write technical documentation about general internet things. Click to view/download the PDFs! Unpublising Content on WordPress.com (2015) HTML Basics with Kiery (2013) Using Facebook and Pinterest 101 (2013) (feel free to share, but please remember to cite me <3)